August 2018

ESCENARIS (STAGES) – SCULPTURES pretends to be a little homage to many and many artists, playwrights and musicians from the world of volumes, materials, lights and spaces. It is a universe of creativity around the showbiz world.

Throughout the history of humanity there have always been spaces for cultural representations, dances around the bonfire in a religious or secular sense, amphitheatres, stages, temples, squares, theatres, cinema, television… and their correspondent publics.

These sculptural pieces of art try to put an exclamation mark to the talent of many figures devoted to the proclamation and the representation in front of a public, whether if they have remained anonymous or in the memory along time.

These pieces of art rise a chant towards shows and acts that break the monotonies of life and gather us through festivities, thoughts and experiences.

These pieces of art extend hands to celebrate words, inventiveness, creativity, culture and life in mutual recognition.

These pieces of art are shown here and today and, virtually, in this screen.

These pieces of art are part of a series which can be infinite.

Let’s come to an end: Welcome.

Manel PALAHÍ, artist – sculptor.



“Little theatres”